Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekend at home

So i'm back from an awesome weekend at home...

Me and my girlfriend went to see "In Time" at the cinema on Saturday and I personally thought it was brilliant. It had some great tense moments throughout, some great action scenes and I think it's a fantastic social commentary. Check out the trailer and then go see it for yourself! Justin Timberlake does a great job in playing his role! (Probably a better actor than singer imo lol).

I then watched "V for Vendetta" on TV when I got back, which is another great movie with a brilliant theme. If you haven't seen it already (It's quite a few years old now), I highly recommend it.

On the musical front, I've been watching Vildhjarta's new music video for "BenblÄst" which is a bit surreal and almost disturbing to some levels o.O haha. I have faith that their album will be good though and i'm looking forward to it later this month. I also came across Skyharbor's latest track "Celestial" ft Dan Tompkins (Former Tesseract Vocalist). And Wow! It's absolutely brilliant. Check it out:

Celestial (ft. Daniel Tompkins, Vishal J. Singh and Marty Friedman) by Skyharbor

And here's the Vildhjarta vid:

And finally for this post. It's only roughly 24 hours until I may potentially be standing in the midnight queue for the release of Modern Warfare 3. I can't wait! I hope it's not going to be too detrimental to my studies here. But luckily next week is also reading week so i'm bound to get some good play time in! Feel free to add me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is "Celestial Ocean".

See ya! :)

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