Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hello! My First Post...

Hey everyone! This is my first post so I thought i'd introduce myself...

My names Christian, I'm a Law & Psychology student at Nottingham Trent University and I also write, record and produce all the music for my band "Fractal Artifact". In the sidebar i've linked to my YouTube channel where a lot of my music and videos can be feel free to check it out!

My music can also be found on Facebook & Soundcloud, so i'll share some links at the end of this blog.
If you're a fan of progressive metal, or more specifically "Djent" and if you enjoy ambient tracks then I think you'll find something to enjoy.

I was inspired to start this blog by my girlfriend Paige. She's an awesome photographer and just a generally all-round fantastic and lovely person. I'll link you guys up to her photography page at the end. But seriously, I wouldn't want to spend a day without this girl in my life!

I've also recently started a Lookbook on which i'll be posting probably quite frequently in the future. I have a REALLY bad habit of spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and this is made even worse by the fact that I have an expensive taste.

But I want to keep this introduction kind of brief so here's some links to check out!

And here's my latest track:

See you again soon! 
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